What Sets Us Apart

Midwest Ammunition was founded to produce high-quality practice ammunition.  Combined, the Midwest team has over 100 years of loading experience and a passion for ammo and shooting.  Unlike “reloads,” this ammunition is manufactured using commercial-grade, automated machines.  With revolutionary, state-of-the-art processes, in combination with zero sacrifices to quality, we have the privilege to provide ammunition with exceptional performance and reliability for a variety of applications at a great value.

Exceptional Quality

Developed based off the specifications from The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI) specs, the quality that is expected in factory ammo comes standard with every box.

So What Is Re-Manufactured?

One of the wonders of using brass as cartridge cases for ammunition is how malleable and flexible it is. This is why it has been the chosen material of over 100 years. This allows the cases to be stretched and pressed back into shape, reforming the size and crystalline structure of the metal. Once the integrity of the metal is rigorously tested, inside and out, and all the outer and inner dimensions of the case is stretched and pressed back to factory specifications, the end result is a casing that is deemed as useful as when it was first made from virgin brass stock. This is what Midwest has engineered into a state-of-the-art process that reuses once fired brass. That being said, the ammunition we produce is not reloaded ammunition. The difference between the two terms are both connotative and technical in nature, and nonetheless stark differences.

Consistent & Reliable

Consistency in our processes, tight specifications, using some of the best components available and rigorous inspection and standards we set for ourselves stands out in the performance of our ammo.

Absolute Trust

Re-Manufactured ammunition is just as reliable and safe to shoot in your gun as factory ammo, and therefore are not that same as reloads. Reloads that void firearm warranties are self made, handloads that do not carry the same level of process standards and licensing. We strive to produce remanufactured ammunition that will contend with new factory ammunition in accuracy, quality, and reliability, and we stick to that goal with everything we do in our processes.  We hold the ammo we manufacture to the highest of standards, and we expect the same from the customers that use the Midwest Brand.  

Customer Satisfaction

We guarantee our ammo 100%. Period. We believe that a user of our ammo shares the same confidence in our ammo as we do as the manufacturer. This means we make things right from the beginning of our process, and will continue to have the view of doing what is right after purchase and during use.

The Difference

Re-Manufactured cases and ammunition are processed, tested, checked, cleaned, primed, loaded, inspected, and packaged superior to reloaded ammunition. Hobbyists and competitors enjoy reloading for their personal use, and a great deal of precision and accuracy can be achieved in these basic, man-powered reloading presses. Our loaders however are set up for a commercial high output production line, and include numerous checks via proximity and fiber optics to uphold much higher quality control than could be achieved on these personal presses that results in lower variation. In addition, our inspection process, using a combination of visual, chamber checking, and full 360 degree laser inspection, is bar none to what can be achieved by an individual reloading. At Midwest, we utilize some of the best automated equipment the industry has to offer to separate ourselves from the association of reloaded ammunition. We firmly believe that it is important to understand the equipment a manufacturer uses, because it speaks to the extreme measures we’ve taken to assure our customers receive a product that’s been thoroughly tested and quality controlled, adding to the value we bring to the consumer.

Our Products

All the ammo we produce is assembled using the finest components available. By using 100% made in America bullets and Primers, we can assure consistent reliability. 

What's Next

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