We develop our in-house loads and specifications based on The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (SAAMI) specs, which sets the standards and technical data for the firearms industry in the US. These are specs which most all ammunition companies follow. Rigorous tolerances and standards that we deem necessary for the quality of our ammo is derived from SAAMI specs, but kept tighter and monitored closely to maintain low variation, which equates to consistently good ammunition for the end user. All of our loads are developed to be extremely reliable in the widest range of firearms without sacrificing quality. The end result is ammo you can trust in any firearm.

The machines used to process and load our ammunition are commercial grade, high output automated loaders, that offer consistent results in the specs we set. Utilizing a state-of-the-art control system that monitors ten functions, simultaneously utilizing fiber optics, microprocessors, vacuum pressure systems, and automatic shut offs, which results in quality built in to our processes.

All ammo Midwest produces is thoroughly inspected to ensure quality to the end user. Every part of the finished round is checked to ensure tight, consistent specifications. Unlike many ammunition manufactures, Midwest chamber checks every round of 9mm and 223. These chamber checks mimic the chamber of a firearm, and ensures every round will chamber, every time. Along with this, a thorough visual and 360 degree laser inspection are utilized to ensure the ammo functions as it should and meets or exceeds expectations.