Midwest Ammunition LLC is a family owned and operated company based in Middletown, Ohio, in the heart of the Midwest. The Midwest team has years of engineering, manufacturing, and loading experience as well as a burning passion for the shooting sports.

Midwest was founded on the beliefs that ammo should be readily available to those who need it, at an undisputed value, with the closeness that can only come from a down to earth, local company that places a high emphasis on service along with its products. Founded in late 2014, Midwest was able to expand rapidly to fill the demand of shooters across Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, eventually expanding to the whole of the geographic Midwest, South, and Central United States.

As Midwest Ammunition continues to grow, innovation is at the forefront of our goals to constantly improve what we do and ultimately bring more value to the end consumers as well as the ranges and stores we partner with. Having a state of the art facility with some of the best equipment the industry has to offer to process, load and, inspect our ammo we produce, doesn’t equate to the Midwest team being satisfied. By constantly refining and improving, we aim to provide the best ammo with clearly visible value once in the hands of consumers.

With the majority of our ammo being remanufactured, Midwest knew early on that a superior value could be given to customers without sacrificing quality. Our ammo being remanufactured, not reloaded, means we have far superior and extensive processes to traditional handloading that conditions the brass to a new state. With the combined experience of the original founder of Midwest and the team he built, we were able to engineer a revolutionary process in combination with commercial loading and inspecting that results in ammo to contend with the best of new, factory ammo in a variety of applications.